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Letter From a Trustee

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Dear Fellow Supporter,

As well as being a financial supporter of CP, I am a supporter of another Christian Charity. In the last quarterly letter there was a piece written by the retiring treasurer which I think should have been headed: FROM LITTLE ACORNS DO MIGHTY OAKS GROW. She thanked the 5,500 Prayer Partners for their continuing prayers and went on to point out that few of them gave a regular amount to the organisation, probably under the misguided notion that regular giving needed to be of a substantial amount. She pointed out that if each of the 5,500 set up a standing order for just £1 per month it would bring in £5,500 per month and solve many of their money worries.

I wonder if we might be under that same misguided notion with regards to our giving to Covenant Players. In fact our government and banking systems make it very easy for us to give to charity in the UK. Can I encourage you to take a moment to ask yourself whether you could spare £1 a month to support Covenant Players? Or even a little more?

This newsletter currently goes out to over 300 supporters. Just to give an idea, if each of us were able to give just a pound a month that would bring in £3,600 over the year which would be enough to cover the vehicle insurance for CP’s fleet of vehicles. Obviously not everyone will be in a position to give financially and we do thank you for the ways in which you do support this work.

All of us working together - as we are able - will help to maintain and sustain the Lord’s work through this ministry for now and into the future.

Yours sincerely,

Eileen Lock


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