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Since 1963, Covenant Players has pioneered the use of drama as a communications resource for the church, for the school and for the community.
Units of Covenant Players travel throughout the world performing Charles M. Tanner’s original plays to bring impact and positive change to any user group.
With a repertoire of over 3,500 plays, we can target almost any theme and can bring a life-changing message to any age audience.

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Covenant Players exists to communicate the Lord Jesus Christ through the medium of drama.

To that end we commit ourselves to:

  • Go where the people are

  • Serve the Leadership of the church and the community

  • To live a life worthy of our call

  • To love each other and those we serve

In covenant with God and one another, we dedicate ourselves to this task.

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Covenant Players exists to communicate the Lord Jesus Christ through the medium of drama. Our head is Christ, the Son of the only God, Lord of our lives; acceptance of Him is the only means of salvation.

We believe in:

  • The Trinity

  • The Holy Spirit’s active participation in our lives and ministry

  • The Bible as the inspired word of God

  • One Baptism

  • The promised return of our Lord

We believe that we are each born again through the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ



Founder and Playwright

The Founder and Playwright for Covenant Players, Charles M. Tanner, is known to everyone as "Chuck".   A man strongly committed to the Lord and filled with a deep vision of the power of drama to communicate, Chuck turned away from his then passionate love - film production as a writer, producer and director in Hollywood - to begin Covenant Players in 1963. He served faithfully in CP, writing over 3,500 plays, as well as being International Director of the ministry.
CP's beloved Chuck suffered a stroke in 1998 and died in March of 2006. His legacy speaks powerfully of his faithfulness to Christian purpose, his dedication to his craft, and the example of his response to his call from the Lord. These elements are - and will continue to be integral parts of CP's ministry in drama for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Covenant Players' International Director

 "Our history finds us coming alongside those battling addiction, sin, abuse, grief, self… battles of the inner man and woman. We serve face-to-face in an internet world. We have been used by the Lord – hanging on in hope through apartheid; working with Protestants and Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland; offering solidarity in East Berlin and Poland; teaching English in post-Cultural Revolution China. CP served the men in the Southeast Asian theatre during the Vietnam War and was there during the US withdrawal before the fall of Saigon. CP was ministering in New Delhi when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated, and stood beside brothers and sisters in Tiananmen Square in 1989. When the Berlin Wall came down and the peoples of the East poured into the West, our unit serving in Berlin went the other direction – to serve the people still in the East."

"Covenant Players will continue to go to where the people are, to do our part in turning the world upside right for the Lord. We will continue to be His missioners, the beneficiaries of our friends and supporters’ prayers and petitions.  We continue to seek our loving God’s blessings as we continue into the next generation."

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