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  • Can I Be in Covenant Players part-time?
    Joining Covenant Players is a full time commitment to serve the Lord by going on to the mission field. It is a commitment to do ministry and live by faith and in community 24/7. This is why we ask people to prayerfully and realistically consider the cost, before making a decision to join. There are many tasks and responsibilities involved as Covenant Player. It is not possible or realistic to hold another job or to do studies while serving in Covenant Players.
  • Covenant Players Yearly Schedule
    Covenant Players has two major touring times each year. Our Genesis Mission is from January to June. Our Exodus Mission is from August to December. Basically, our year looks like this -- January -- Covenant Players January training and intake of new missioners End of January to mid-June -- Genesis Mission mid-June -- personal break (usually about 10-14 days) end June - August -- Covenant Players Covenant College, Retreat, August training and intake of new missioners August-December -- Exodus Mission mid-December-beginning of January -- personal break (usually 3 weeks)
  • Do I have to be a Christian to join Covenant Players?
    We do not require that that you are a Christian to join Covenant Players. However, it is important that you understand that the purpose of Covenant Players is to be a Christian ministry and it is essential that our behavior and attitudes support this purpose. Covenant Players does a great deal of performing in churches and Christian organizations and we expect our members to respect the beliefs of all organizations we serve.
  • Do I need to audition?
    There is no audition to join Covenant Players. We have extensive theatre training and we are able to effectively teach and train people to be competent and effective performers. We are looking for quality persons, whose faith is not simply a matter of doctrine, but of personal responsibility. We seek people who desire to serve and give of themselves in ministry. Flexibility and maturity are required, basic good health and a positive, realistic attitude towards learning and serving are of the utmost importance.
  • How can I see a Covenant Players performance?
    If you want to see a performance by Covenant Players, contact the Continental office nearest you (i.e. North America, Europe, Australia, and South Africa). The office will inform you of performances in your location that you could attend.
  • How often do the training sessions occur?
    New Missioner Training takes place twice a year - in January and July on each continental campus.
  • Is Covenant Players affiliated with (attached to) a church or denomination or other organization?
    Covenant Players is not affiliated with (attached to) any church, denomination, or other organization. Covenant Players is an interdenominational, para-church ministry that seeks to serve the church and community as a drama communications resource. We are supported only from our performances and donations. Individual Covenant Players come from many different church backgrounds and denominations.
  • Is there a dress code?
    Covenant Players is a professional ministry that is constantly in the public eye, not only in our performances, but because of the nature of our lifestyle, therefore we seek to maintain a professional dress code. Our dress code is what we would consider “business casual” with “professional” dress for performances. Professional dress code includes – One presentable suit: For men – could also be a sports coat and tie, with nice trousers and shirt For ladies – Trousers and/or skirts, jacket or blazer, Dress shoes Shirts or blouses Clean and neat tops A professional dress code excludes blue jeans, torn or worn items, items that are too tight or revealing or with advertisement, piercings and items that communicate a specific style or ethos (i.e. grunge or Goth).
  • Is there a time commitment to join Covenant Players?
    The time commitment to join Covenant Players is 18 months. This includes three 4 ½ month missions in the year and participation at our in-house, semi-annual training sessions in January and July. The commitment is a person’s word of honor that he or she will serve the Lord in this ministry for an 18 month period. This could be done as a GAP year.
  • Should I keep my apartment and car if I join Covenant Players?
    Joining Covenant Players is an act of faith and an opportunity to trust God for all your needs, material and spiritual. You will not earn enough money in Covenant Players to be able to pay regular, monthly bills (i.e. rent, vehicle, insurance, utilities, etc.). It is prudent and wise to free yourself from financial commitments before you join Covenant Players. Pay off your debts first and the Covenant Players’ experience will be more fulfilling and joyous.
  • What are the requirements to join Covenant Players?
    Completed secondary/high school Basic poise & intelligence Teachable attitude Passport If you are under 21 at the time of joining, you will need to get a written statement of permission from a parent or guardian. While a driver's license is not required, it is strongly encouraged.
  • What happens in the interview?
    The interview is an opportunity for a representative from Covenant Players to give you full information about what is entailed in being a Covenant Player. We want people to be fully informed about Covenant Players so that they can prayerfully and realistically consider if this is where God is leading them. It is also an opportunity for you, the applicant, to share about yourself so we can evaluate if you are suitable for this ministry.
  • What is involved in the Covenant Players training?
    The New Missioner training is an intensive 10 days that includes training in all aspects of Covenant Players ministry and lifestyle: performing, learning lines, basics of acting, living in host homes, life in a travelling unit, Covenant Players administration and marketing, serving in different churches, ministries, schools, etc., spiritual formation, information about Covenant Players history, purpose, and ministry. During the training week you will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of performances of Covenant Players plays. It is also a time to learn about and participate in the Covenant Players community.
  • What Is It Really Like Being in Covenant Players?
    I actually love answering this question. It is like a hundred different things. We wear many different hats! “Is it like being a missionary?” YES! Covenant Players covers 34 nations worldwide. “Is it is like being an actor?” A thousand times, YES! We prepare new plays and new roles every day and every week. We explore characters from the inside and embody them physically for others to see. “Is it like being a pastor?” YES! We bring messages to the church to address a variety of needs. Easter, the reality of Christ’s gospel in our daily lives, living our faith, dealing with difficult situations — it is hard to think of a theme or issue that has not been required of us. In addition, we are responsible to encourage one another in discipleship and leadership and seek high standards for ourselves. “Is it like being a teacher?” Again, YES. When we perform in schools, we are bringing thought-provoking plays about Bullying, Goals and Purpose in Life, Substance Abuse, Conflict Resolution in a way that encourages discussion among the students and finding the message for themselves in a new way.
  • What is the process for joining Covenant Players?
    We ask that you see a performance by Covenant Players and also have an interview with a Covenant Players unit leader or supervisor. In addition to that, the individual needs to complete an application form either on line at our website or by contacting the nearest Covenant Players’ office or getting an application from one of our field units. The applicant will also need to complete a background check and provide 3 professional references (i.e. not friends or family members). You will submit this information to the Continental office of your location. The Recruit Supervisor will be in communication with you throughout this entire process. The final decision for all applicants is made by our International Director, Bobbi Johnson-Tanner.
  • Where do Covenant Players give their performances?
    We perform in churches of all kinds: all Protestant denominations, i.e. Anglican and Episcopal, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Assembly of God, Nazarene, Church of Christ, Pentecostal, Mennonite, as well as a wide variety of independent and non-denominational churches. We also give our performances for Roman Catholic churches, either in the mass or for religious education. In addition, we do a vast amount of performing in the community. For example we perform for public and private schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, prisons, orphanages and other civic organizations. Covenant Players also performs for all branches of the military.
  • Will I get time off or vacations in Covenant Players?
    At the end of each mission, twice a year, there is personal free time for individuals to visit friends or family. At the end of the Exodus mission (Aug – Dec), there is usually 3 weeks of free time over the Christmas holidays. At the end of the Genesis mission (Feb – mid June) there is usually 10 days - 2 weeks of free time.
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