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What is CPCC?

Covenant Players Covenant College, or CPCC, is an in depth training time for all Covenant Players worldwide. It is a chance to study and review our work in Craft, Discipleship and Leadership as well as prepare for the coming mission. Along with classes there are many times of worship and showcase of the plays being worked on - we warmly welcome you to be a part of these times.

When is it happening?

20 June      CPers arrive

23-26 July  CP Annual Retreat

6 August    CPers depart for mission

Our showcase performances will be held on Tuesdays at 14:30 and Friday at 6:30 at Pontypool Methodist Church.

We will also be hosting an Event Night on Thursday 18th July to which we would especially love your attendance.

Where is it happening?

The European Campus of Covenant Players will be holding their CPCC in Pontypool, South Wales. 

We are very grateful for the use of Pontypool Methodist Church, Nicholas Street as a venue for our training. 

How can I get involved?

As well as sharing in our worship and showcase times, there are many ways to get involved. 

  • During this time of training, the Covenant Players will require accommodation. If this is something you think you could provide for all or part of the time, or you could help us find, we would be very appreciative.

  • We would be delighted to make a visitation to your church and discuss ways that we could minister together. 

  • Take advantage of some of our bigger cast plays and book a summer programme.

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